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Today’s glossies have jumped on the social media bandwagon, going digital in the age of apps and e-readers. But Vogue Italia‘s HBIC just put every other tech-savvy fashion editor to shame with the launch of Vogue Encyclo. Not to be confused with Anna Wintour‘s Voguepedia, editor-in-chief of Vogue Italia Franca Sozzani‘s newest venture combines the info-packed web directory with a Wiki-esque format.

A few months back, Sozzani created a writer’s casting call, asking her blog readers to leave pitches for an unidentified web project in the comment section of the site. After combing through story ideas and fashion factoids, the Vogue Italia editrix left critiques for almost every comment. And so the premise for Encyclo was born.

As of October 10th, anyone with encyclopedic info on fashion, culture, or entertainment is welcome to contribute articles to Vogue Encyclo. Better yet, each submission will be edited by Vogue staffers, and worthy contributors will earn personal bylines. Sozzani herself offered some editorial advice for aspiring submitters: “We will try not to alter your pieces,” she said, “but some will have to be modified and you have to accept that and not feel judged, just guided by someone who has more experience.” The editor also added that contributors are welcome to “use articles on a future resume to become journalists.”

If writing isn’t your thing, the site is still worthy of a bookmark. Where else are you going to find a history of tartan or leopard print’s best movie moments?

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