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Angela Lindvall famous supermodel is helping the environment and the planet by example being an environmentalist.
Rumored to be replacing Heidi Klum as host of the All-Stars edition of Project runway, Angela Lindvall is creating a lot of excitement. The 32 year old supermodel from Oklahoma has had a very successful modeling career.

She has appeared in countless fashion shows over the years including Ready to Wear and Victoria’s Secret. If you are relaxing at home watching the television and you pick up a fashion magazine to have a read, chances are you have also seen her on the cover.

Her passions are not only confined to modeling however, she is also a keen environmentalist. Lindvall is the founder and President of the Collage Foundation. This organization is targeted towards young people and aims to promote environmentally conscious choices and sustainable living.It encourages creative thinking about serious issues, as well as having fun at the same time. This is a non-profit organization that tackles various environmental, as well as social, issues.

The projects which Collage has undertaken are varied and useful. These include Clean by Design, an initiative of the NRDC. This targets the textile industry, known to be one of the major polluters of the developing world. As well as saving valuable money, the scheme aims to reduce the water, energy and chemical footprint of the industry.

Also, sustainable agriculture is encouraged by the Rockland Farm Alliance. Aiming to reintroduce local agriculture into Rockland County, NY, it is a great example which can be followed by communities from all over the world.

She also agreed to become the face of a campaign by John Hardy, due to their environmental concern. She decided to do this after visiting their headquarters of amazing bamboo structures with rice fields. She was impressed to see that they employed a while community of people and enjoyed the atmosphere of the whole place.

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