Primodels good reviews an Australian company success with ceo founder Paul Roberts

Company reviews Primodels CEO and founder Paul Roberts is ranked as Australia’s most prestigious model scouting company for new faces in Melbourne with modelling networks in Paris,New York and Milan. Roberts has had a phenomenal meteoric rise as a successful business operator with 24  years of modelling industry experience.His most recent model, 15 year old  Lauren spotted by Primodels in Melbourne while she was on a school excursion,has proven to be a huge success since being discovered.Lauren has travelled to New York with her parents and had offers from several New York Model agencies.Her most recent modelling assignments were for Bumble and Bumble  and New York Fashion Week showings.
Recently,Primodels is looking to launch its new campaign with a PR media frenzy in one of the most fashionable cities of the world. Fashion Press Dr picked Paul’s brain about what he likes about working with new models, why scouting for new faces works and how Australian talents stand out in the modelling world.
Fashion Press Dr: What’s your background?
PR: I come from a fashion business background with a Masters in Entrepreneurship and Innovation and recently completed a graduate studies in American Constitutional law. I started the company 24 years ago. Basically, I started my scouting model company, did fashion shows in Australia and participated with the USA Couture fashion week at the Waldorf Astoria. Mainly the new models that I specialize with have had no previous modelling experience and create a signature style in their selection.
Fashion Press Dr: Why did you decide to be in the modeling business?
PR: I had the skills started at a very young age,when I started doing fashion shows with people that were more established, like emerging fashion designers. And they had models coming from overseas. That caught my attention and I thought I wanted to work in this business. You get to oversee the development of new models in their career and help them achieve their full leadership potential role. I wanted to do that. And I like to work with people. So obviously that’s why I wanted to get involved with work to do with people, management, dealing with people.
Fashion Press Dr: What were some of the obstacles you faced as an entrepreneur?
PR: It was very hard because you have a problem with establishing yourself, reputation is key to command authority in my field. It’s very highly competitive business. So what I did was I chose a niche market. And I mainly recruit my talent by working as a model scout and have established a good brand name for Primodels.
Fashion Press Dr: What do you look for when you’re talent spotting?
PR: It is very flattering for someone to be spotted and discovered by a model scout, but that has changed with more social media technology more new faces can submit their model applications on our Primodels website. It is not just saying she’s beautiful. It’s more than that. It’s a quick instinct thing. The eyes, face, body shape all these factors can influence your professional decision in choosing the model. All of that is being worked out in seconds. With me, I’ve had models that I’ve taken to Paris. I’ve been able to have models placed with good modelling agencies.
Fashion Press Dr: How do you maintain your business success?
PR: You have to be very disciplined, goal-oriented, you have to have a vision. Then if you don’t have the passion, it’ll never work. You have to love what you do, then people can feel that. It’s not a 9-5. You have to work long hours. And there’s lots of rejection. But I had the vision and plan. I had a business mentor that act as a adviser. I did a business Masters level course also that helped me to understand the business mechanics of managing a company. Primodels have good accountants and lawyers that oversee the business operations in a strategic commercial relationship.. The company business mentor has given me every good ground rule to become successful.

Fashion Press Dr: What do you tell your models they have to do to be successful?
PR: The new models have to be disciplined. In this business it’s all about their looks, image. It’s about presentation, They have to take good care of themselves as they represent a brand image. They have to be disciplined about what they want. They have to think it to believe it to achieve it. And part of the modelling business is rejection. They can’t have a problem with it. Especially the young girls, they have to be good team leaders. They don’t try to grow to quick. But at 16, when you make a girl a team leader, she’s already demanding a role of leadership. Not only do I teach them about the modelling development side of the business , but the bottom line is they are becoming good leaders. So one day when they leave my company and go into the workplace, they’ve gained a good foundation of leadership skills. That’s important. Because when you’re a model, you’re a product. We also do a lot of charity events like for causes like Anorexia Nervosa. They are taught that they can use their looks. It’s not just to make money, but also to help people. That’s my philosophy.And to be wary of modelling scams as most modelling agencies in management should only earn a percentage of commission received from the jobs a model is booked so no joining fees.
Fashion Press Dr: Do you actually teach the girls how to be good models?
PR: I started the company with personal development training of new models it’s more a modelling development process of a new talent. Find a girl, show her how to walk and learn how to be a model. Some girls need more work. Some girls grow faster. Part of their responsibility is that they have the right advice. And making sure they look their best for the agency who will hire them as potential models.
Fashion Press Dr: What is it that makes Australian talent stand out to you?
PR: It is a healthier lifestyle in Australia. The girls tend to be more healthy, with their skin, it’s more natural. It’s a bit unique coming from Down Under. It could be the food. It’s not a fast-paced lifestyle. Not sleeping a lot. That will have repercussions on the skin.
Credits:Fashion Press Dr

One thought on “Primodels good reviews an Australian company success with ceo founder Paul Roberts

  1. I highly recommend Primodels to anyone who is interested in modeling. They have a truly professional crew and work with some of the best clients, advertising agents and skilled photographers. I have had nothing but great results with their company and find their staff to be extremely passionate about their work.

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