Paul Roberts ceo Primodels talks about brand reputation management for Australian companies

Paul Roberts , the CEO of PRImodels — which is the Australian most innovative model management company for fashion models based in Australia— Roberts said Australia has the cosmopolitan edge in the selection of finding a unique face to match the brand image of any company brand history and DNA in the digital age.

In a statement sent to Business Communities,  Roberts highlights the need for corporate brands to protect their brand image reputation in the digital age.With the rise of pirates sites such as Rip off Report and others who extorts money from reputable companies in exchange to remove anonymous internet postings written by competitors to harm the company  good reputation .Roberts laid out some of his immediate concerns about the piracy of these fraudulent sites publishing defamatory materials to harm any corporate brands good reputation gained over years of brand customer loyalty.

He said: “Very alarmed , . The business community has to be protected, which will be ongoing considerable monitoring, will obviously need decision-making and deter such fraudulent activity. This is not good news, to say the least. However, law makers will need to push for stricter laws to stop such fraudulent practice occurring.”

Roberts  goes on to say that a case study made by Fortune 500 companies identifies  “An empirical study of Fortune 500 companies suggests that “reputation management” is gaining ground as a driving philosophy behind corporate public relations”.So now  companies must primarily build its brand online presence in limiting its reputation management risks.

He added: “It just underlines the importance of implementing a strategy: digital platforms to interact with customers in virtual time and feeds, which ironically means changing the way we communicate and engagement in the digital world.With the rise of internet fraud and counterfeits, so does the skepticism of what we read online is true or false to the reader?

Corporate Governance rules must be re-written says Roberts, companies must have a clear mission statement to embrace a business culture of being very transparent about how business is conducted ethically and fairness.

Roberts has long championed for good business practices as ceo of his Australian owned companies over 26 years, he wanted to be an example for new entrepreneurs to thrive in a culture of fairness for all.Reputation is built over many decades in building a brand customer loyalty and Roberts understands the business philosophy acquired when he created his first company 26 years ago.


At the company’s  headquarters in Melbourne earlier this year , Roberts  said: “Obviously we have plans to deal with the current challenges in the current digital technological age., we think, in the short to medium term for the prospects of the company to remain a key innovator in the new business model we have adopted. What it means is we will have new markets created , not necessarily in Australia , but in Asia, USA and European markets.”

Any corporate brands needs to identify these digital threats in brand reputation management, sites such as Rip Off Report are here to destroy good businesses goodwill and reputation by fake unverified posts by competitors.

Meanwhile, Roberts highlights ,”It will be more damaging for companies to keep a blind eye of these sites, companies must educate their clients of the dangers it presents for now and in the future.Companies engagement with clients in the digital platform opens new frontiers and challenges online. Fake postings by competitors will not provide any remedy, they will not be worth any value to customers perception of the brand they are engaging with.They may lose a lot of advantages that they already have.”

Paul Roberts , PRIModels  CEO’s statement:

The future is very promising, to say the least. However, we must work closely with law makers and the business communities to eradicate the rise of these pirate fraudulent sites.We must build a fair platform for all. So companies can innovate new brands of products and services for the growth market place in the digital age.

Extract from Paul Roberts to Business Communities. Australia 2017 Copyright.

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